Accommodation near the venue

LREC offers a special rate for Sheraton Grande and Luxze Hitotsuba, both of which are located in the same area as the venue,  Seagaia Convention Center.


Apart from the Seagaia, there are several less expensive hotels near the JR Miyazaki Station.

Transportation between Miyazaki Station and Seagaia:
– Public bus: 25 min., 510 yen, bus service available only once an hour.
Timetable for Miyazaki Station -> Seagaia
Timetable for Seagaia -> Miyazaki Station
  (only in Japanese)
– Taxi: 15 min., 2,000 – 2,500 yen

Hotels near the JR Miyazaki Station
Richmond Hotel Miyazaki Ekimae
JR Kyushu Hotel Miyazaki
APA Hotel Miyazaki Eki Tachibanadori
Toyoko Inn Miyazaki Ekimae
New Wel City Miyazaki (Website only in Japanese)